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This leads to pages about various policies of the Troop, mainly for current Scouts and their parents.

1)The aim of this set of policies is to ensure fairness to all and to establish appropriate guidelines in a number of areas.

2) These policies cannot cover every possible eventuality and the leaders will have to make decisions beyond what is described here.

3) The old saying is"If in doubt, ask permission before, rather than forgiveness after.". That is check any issues!!

4) Various other policies are currently outlined elsewhere in the web site and in the Welcome Pack, given when new Scouts begin.


Parents' rota  - important help and back up for our weekly Troop meetings

Payments - how to make payments to the Troop.

Troop meeting arrangements - A short policy on our calendar page about how arrangements for Troop meetings are announced

Mobiles - use of mobile phones by Scouts.

Photo and audio policy - taking of photos etc.

Camp transport - Typical arrangement to get scouts to and from camps

Bringing, Parking, Taking - Bringing Scouts to meetings, parking and taking them after

Scout behaviour and taking part - what is expected in terms of attendance, behaviour and taking part

Leadership by scouts - likely requirements to become a Patrol Leader or member of Senior Patrol

Moving on to Explorers - Troop policy on when scouts move on