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Our normal arrangement for local activities (including weekend camps) is to ask parents, who are driving, to drive with their car full and to let the Troop know number of seats available for scouts.

"Letting the Troop know" is normally through the H&P form for each activity. Please complete the section clearly The number should include their own scout, but do not give specific names. In that way we can check there is enough transport and parents need not drive every time.

This typically means that parents should need to transport at most only one end of weekend camps (start or end).

Unless parents' have arranged beforehand, we sort out who-goes-where as we set out, normally from the car park at Homewood Road Church. Some parents sort this out beforehand, others do not.

In either case, I am only concerned with total number of scouts that each car can take. Personal kit usually needs to go in the car taking the scout.

Summer Camp

Arrangement are different. We hire a van for almost all equipment and bags. The hired minibus and leaders' cars can then take Scouts.