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A developing section: information about what to look for, when getting clothing and equipment for Aquila activities. Hopefully, this will be a useful guide to what to look for, when gathering together all the equipment that a Scout needs for camps, hikes and other activities.

At least to begin with, Scouts are likely to make do with what equipment you already have: but some time during his time in the Troop, it is very like that some new equipment will be obtained.

Because there is such a wide range of makes and styles, there is no attempt to give a comparative survey. For each item of equipment, the main features to look for are described. There are usually many makes. Leaders are always willing to offer suggestions to individual scouts and parents.

The main items (backpack, sleeping bag etc.) can give many years of good use and this should be borne in mind as you look faintingly at the price tags. Usually you get what you pay for, and in equipment that may get heavy (and heavy handed) use, a cheap substitute is a poor one. It may be better to borrow, make do with what you have, or buy second-hand, rather than buy a new but inadequate item.

Finally, don't be fooled by gimmicks: from the penknife with handy egg cup attachment to the sleeping bag that converts into a colourful tea cosy. Hiking and camping equipment manufacturers have a sufficient challenge in making their products do their main jobs properly.

KIT LISTS: Provisional lists for each activity are on the Activity information page. The final kit list is in the Final information letter.

Note: all this information is aimed SOLELY for use by Aquila Scouts and their activities.


Sleeping. Sleeping bags, night clothes, and the rest. The word "sleeping" is used in its loosest sense

Keeping clean. Ditto.

Keeping dry. (the rest of the time)

Clothing. Miscellaneous things to where (are they?)

Backpack and other bags. The best for Scouts to take kit to camps, as well as needed for backpacking. And how to stop dirty socks running away.

Hiking. Various items for good hiking.

Drink and food on hikes .... and similar activities

Boots. Useful for hiking and about camp

Boot laces. How to tie them: how not to trip over them

Camping. Various other items for camping

First Aid Kit. A small personal kit that each Scout needs

Penknife. Definitely optional, not essential

Hike Camps. Lists and information about what is needed.

After camp After you have bought the kit and used the kit, look after the kit

Christmas list. A few extras for the scout in your life