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A big problem, if not done properly. Scouts should know how to tie their bootlaces so they are secure.

Modern laces are often slippy and VERY long. So they come undone easily, if not done properly.

1. Most boots have eyes or holes for laces part way up from the toe. Normally the starting point is with all these threaded AND an even length on each side. If too long, cut some off, rather than leave extra to trip over, even when tied. Sometimes, one original lace might still be long enough when cut in half.

2. Before threading the top half (usually hooks), make sure the tongue is positioned correctly. Then tighten the bottom half.

3. Then keep the tension on as the top half is done up.

It is often not necessary to do the top hook up: go with what is comfortable, but secure. You do not want a boot dropping off.

4. Next do a half hitch - that the usual start for a bow.

Trouble is that this tends to slip and so the lace is loose before you go further.

5. So put an extra turn into it: now it is much more secure and will not easily slip.

As long as it was tight to begin with.

6. Now complete the "normal bow", trying to get both ends and the two loops all the same length.

7. Now put an extra half hitch in place, using the two loops. See photo 4 for a half hitch.

This should now stay tied and not be too difficult to undo.