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Scouts are expected to prepare there own First aid kit, as part of the requirements of the Outdoor Challenge Badge. It should be carried on most scout expeditions.

The leaders will talk with scouts about this during Troop meetings, but the contents is listed here for reference, or for a keen new scout to get on with preparing his kit straight away. Bought first aid kits are not acceptable.


It needs to be small, light and unbreakable. Use small sizes of items.

The items should be ready to use without a lot of preparation, since this increases the risk of getting the items dirty. For example, individually sealed plasters etc. are much better than pieces that need cutting.

Major first aid needs are normally available in the Troop First Aid Kit. Your kit is for your own minor cuts etc.


The kit should be in a small plastic box, so that it is secure and protected from damage or dirt. A small, freezer storage box is suitable: about 5 x 8 x 15 cm, although a bit smaller or bigger will do. The box should be clearly labelled 'First aid', or have a large green cross on it (Felt tip pen, tape or paint).


The following is the suggested list. They can be added to, with experience.

Download a pdf of the listĀ for printing here.

For Outdoor Challenge Badge:

  • Plasters: about 10 individually wrapped. Fabric is best.
  • Triangular bandage: can be bought or made from old sheeting
  • Sterile dressing pads: 2 to 4 small, unmedicated
  • Safety pins (6)
  • Antiseptic wipes: individually wrapped, for cleaning cuts
  • Scissors: a small pair
  • Coins for phone - in small envelope or plastic bag.
  • Paper and pencil, for emergency use only

For Outdoor Challenge Plus and/or Adventure Challenge

.... and for Hike Camps

The list above, plus

  • Crepe Bandage (7.5 cm)