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The aim

1) Each patrol prepares two different pancakes courses: perhaps different types of pancake and two different fillings or toppings.

2) Fillings (toppings) can be sweet or savoury: one of each or two sweet or two savoury ... but not just lemon and sugar or bought syrup or sauce.

3) Pancakes suggestions: English, French (crepes), American, even Scotch .... but no mixes.

4) Although this is a competition, the aim is to be an enjoyable cooking evening, where Scouts will learn a bit AND have a good meal together.


1) The week before, each patrol needs to decide what to cook from lists or cook books available, or bring in some suggestions, your own recipes and cookbooks.

  • a) Many recipes can be simplified: consult leaders.
  • b) Remember to adjust the amount of food to the number of scouts in the patrol
  • c) Food must be able to be cooked within the time available – see below
  • d) Cooking will mainly be on gas stoves. There is ONE oven, but ask about including a course that needs it.

2) You will have a budget of £2.00 per head from the Troop, and must account for how you spend this on food. (Money will be refunded, but there must be receipts.)

3) Make a list of items (and quantities) you will need to buy. Decide how you are going to buy the food (Together, or one person, or each bring some items).

4) PLs arrange to contact any scouts not here the planning week.

The cooking evening

1) The HQ will open at 7.15 p.m., but it is up to the patrol to decide when it starts. You must start eating by 8.15 p.m. so that we can be cleared up by 9.00 p.m.

2) Everyone needs to bring eating utensils, plates, mug etc.

3) Drinks will be provided: money for other drinks will not be refunded

4) Patrol leaders make sure everyone knows their responsibilities and gets on with them. 5) Remember the table presentation: layout etc. All bring plates, cutlery. How about a well written, or typed menu, so the judges know what you are serving. Even a tablecloth????????

6) Pots, pans, utensils: patrols should know what is available in the Group stores (basic pots, frying pans and utensils). Apart from that, borrow from home.

Judging will be based on

1. Menu: variety, quality and not too easy

2. Patrol working together: everyone contributing?

3. Resulting meal: taste and look good?

4. Presentation: for example, look of the table, written menu