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For each Night Away activity (and very occasionally for other activities) we need a signed, paper copy of the H&P form.

This must be on a separate piece of paper from any other form.

We need to correlate the Health and diet information ahead of the activity.


Generally we need this one week before the activity, to allow the information to be processed. Exceptions are:

Summer Camp: the deadline is a few weeks before.

If one activity is soon after another, we try to combine the form for those scouts doing both. A new one is then not needed.

There is a due date, both on the letter containing the form and on the activity's web page.

Please ensure that the H&P form (and any other form, such as for a water activity, if indicated) are handed in by this date. Do not leave it until the last minute.

H&P forms completed more than 4 weeks before the activity will not be accepted.


Currently the form is included on the letter with final information about the activity. These letters (pdf) can be accessed via the Camp Information page or the Newsletters page of the web site.

The form is also available as a pdf or a MS Word form. Either can be printed off and filled out by hand

Instructions for H&P form as a pdf form

1. Download the  pdf version of the form

2. This can be printed and filled out by hand

3. Alternatively, fill out the form using Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Then print out and sign.

4. You can only save the filled out form for future changes, using recent versions of Acrobat, NOT Reader.

Instructions for H&P form as a MS Word form

1. Download the MS Word form (MS Word document)

2. This can be completed, then stored on your computer for future camps.

3. Click in each area to start typing: fill in ALL the boxes

4. Print out the form, sign and give to the Troop Leaders - sorry, but currently we need a paper copy

5. Note – if you want to re-use this form, complete all parts that will NOT change from month to month. Then save the partially completed form on your computer for future use.

6. These forms must have an original signature of a parent or guardian. So electronic versions sent by email) are not valid.